DOUBLE BILL: Distort the body - ON POINT

DOUBLE BILL: Distort the body - ON POINT
Saturday August 14th
Museum M
15.00 h
17.30 h
From 6 years
€ 5 / € 3 (-12 year) | duration: 60'

On the roof of Museum M, CIRKL presents two special performances by two young makers GEDACHTEGANG and Piet Van Dycke.

Distort the body


What if you start messing with our society's gender norms? Jakobe Geens tests it out. Using a costume in which typical female and male characteristics are magnified to the point of absurdity. For the woman: huge breasts and a narrow waist. For the man: broad shoulders and wide calves.

What started out as a walk turned into a new company, GEDACHTEGANG. With Jakobe Geens on stage and Margot Jansens as dramaturge, they tackle challenging themes in a conscious and polyphonic way. GEDACHTEGANG creates sensitive circus that questions the expectations, habits and patterns present in our society.


concept and playing Jakobe Geens costumes Linea Mattei music Aram Abgaryanvoor/ KRANKK supporting partners Danspunt, Theater Froefroe en De Machinerie


Piet Van Dycke

Two men on the edge. They tease each other: who can stand the longest without losing his balance? They play this game in the most absurd, impressive and dangerous way. Keeping your balance between, above, under, on, against each other. And falling is not an option. ON POINT is an acrobatic, absurd and dangerous duet. A wordless performance that plays with your expectations.

Leuven resident Piet Van Dycke has teamed up with juggler Cal Courtney and acrobat Samuel Rhyner to choreograph the show. Anywhere Cal and Samuel go will be their playground. They adapt ON POINT to each new location they play. Always looking for new opportunities with circus/parcours and freerunning.


concept en choreography Piet Van Dycke acrobation, dance en actingSamuel Rhyner en Cal Courtney supporting by PLAN en Dansbrabant thanks to Janneke Defesche, Wendy Moonen, Heleen Volman en Leonie Clement in cooperation with the Flemish government and CIRKL