The vibrant Vaartkom neighbourhood is the perfect setting for this first edition.
    The brand new Sluispark will be the beating heart, with a festival centre for all ages.
    The surrounding buildings and squares provide perfect stages for the various shows.

    1. Festivaltent Bottelarijsite
    2. Circustent Bottelarijsite
    3. De Smidse
    4. Sluispark
    5. OPEK
    6. Victor Broosplein


    We strongly recommend you to come on foot, by bike or by public transport.
    It’s healthier, cheaper and more eco-friendly.
    • You can safely park your bike at the extra bike parking . (accessible by Havenkant)
    • The nearest bus stop is called Leuven Vaartkom (on route 600). Within short walking distance you can also opt for bus stops Leuven Riddersstraat (routes 4, 5 and 6) or Leuven Vaartvest (routes 333, 334, 335 and 630).
      Check for the most accurate service (and possible detours).
    • If you come by car, the closest car park is parking Vaartkom (Engels Plein).


    The starting hour of each show is mentioned on the programme page or the detailed webpage of each show.
    The doors open on average 30 minutes before the show.

    We strive to start each show on time. This can only be achieved if you arrive in time.
    Once the show is started, you can no longer enter the venue.
    Late comers are not entitled to any refund or compensation.