De Langste Fanfare

Die Verdammte Spielerei (BE)
Saturday 13 May
14.00 h - 15.00 h
all ages

Join the band!

Ten years ago six musicians of the Ghent Academy of Music joined forces. Four saxophonists, one drummer and one fool mounted Die Verdammte Spielerei. They are welcoming everybody to celebrate their jubilee. Join the best brass band in the universe in their march through town.

Everybody is welcome, whether on drums, a wind instrument or a triangle. Even if you don’t play an instrument, you’re welcome as a majorette, flag bearer or just to march along. Thanks to your contribution Die Verdammte Spielerei creates the longest brass band ever!

Musical scores and a registration form can also be found at

Participants gather at 13.00 h at the Ladeuze square.
Registration is compulsory.